Outrage has erupted at a local office where it was revealed that there are heaps of knives in the kitchen draw but not many forks and spoons. In what is not believed to be an isolated case in office environments across the country, workers are reportedly becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation.

One staff member at the local office, who requested strict anonymity, told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s been like this ages now, and I’m almost at breaking point. There are only so many times I can eat last night’s leftover spag bol with a bloody spoon. I’ve raised it many times with management, as well as erecting a number of passive aggressive signs in the kitchen, but nothing ever changes.”

While the staff member remained sceptical that anything would change in the cutlery draw in the near future, she told us she wanted the Bugle to highlight the difficult conditions that she is forced to work under. She said, “The time has come to really shine a light on this. Apparently our office isn’t the only one dealing with sure a dire situation. I feel like we need a nationwide awareness campaign for office workers all over Australia to search their work bags, their cars, their homes and their filing cabinets to rectify what is quickly becoming a critical shortage of forks and spoons. Enough is enough.”