A Watsonia dad seemingly still thinks that the modern abbreviation “lol” means “lots of love”, despite that kind of thinking being dealt with almost 10 years ago. The discrepancy arose last night when David Bradley texted his 21-year-old daughter in an attempt to console her over a recent relationship breakup.

In the text, Bradley typed, “Hey Bub, sorry to hear about you and Deano breaking up. Let me know if you need someone to chat to… lol”. While his daughter Kendall was initially touched by the sentiment expressed in the text, she just couldn’t understand why her father was apparently laughing out loud at the painful separation between her and her boyfriend of 18 months.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the incident, Kendall said, “I just, like, couldn’t get it at first. So I rang Mum to complain about it but she just sighed loudly and said, ‘No darling, your Dad is stuck in a time warp, he thinks lol means lots of love. He was trying to be nice.’ Then I was just, like, oh my god Dad, you’re such a dinosaur.”