A prominent state politician has been photographed in Montmorency awkwardly grasping a fence railing and pretending to be your friend in what can only be interpreted as a grab for votes. The photograph, which appears on the front cover of this week’s edition of the DV Leader, features opposition leader Matthew Guy promoting his promise to finally give Montmorency Train Station the two platforms that pretty much every other station in the state already has.

Tired from his long journey to the outer rim of Melbourne, Guy reportedly said to his driver, “Wow, it’s a long way out here. I hope we get to leave before peak hour arrives, I’ve heard Rosanna Road is a bit of a car park. And don’t take Fitzsimons Lane, unless we’re in that new bus lane.”

Regardless of Guy’s local knowledge, let’s just take a moment to consider his hand on that fence rail:

What is that Matthew? What are you doing? Please don’t do that again.

In addition to the awkward placement of his fingers, take a moment to enjoy Guy’s facial expression. It’s arguably more awkward than his super awkward hand. It’s like that smile you give for a photo at a family function when your mum forces you to have a photo with your great aunt Betty that you’ve met, like, twice in your whole life.