A Watsonia man is in a constant state of despair over his inability to completely nail his pose when he’s with a bunch of friends and they call for a group shot, including at least one “crazy shot”. Ben Daniels claims that he’s never once been able to successfully throw a suitable pose in these situations, and that all attempts to manufacture a go-to pose for all future crazy photos has been a total failure.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his condition, Daniels said, “It’s a living hell. I get facial twitches as soon as the call goes out for a group shot, because I just know what’s coming. Why can’t it just be enough to take a normal photo with everyone smiling and seemingly having a good time? I mean, it’s not like anyone ever does anything actually crazy in those shots anyway. Going cross-eyed and sticking your tongue out isn’t exactly the height of originality is it? What are you, 12 years old?”

While Daniels refused to fully elaborate, he did admit that his failure was driving a slow wedge between him and his wife. He said, “She always seems to be able to pluck something out of the air at the last minute, and most of them are quite good. I’ve never said this to her face, but I kind of hate her for it. Jealousy is a curse.”