Following his failure to lay a tackle in his last two games, Essendon footballer Brendon Goddard has reportedly been spotted leaving a local fishing store, presumably in the search for some easy tackle. Nick Samuels, an avid reader of The Watsonia Bugle, contacted us this morning to say he saw Goddard leaving Aussie Angler in Briar Hill at around 9.30am today.

Samuels told us, “Yeah mate, it was defo him, for sure. He skulked out of their just after 9.30am with a bag full of tackle. Footy players these days, they’re so professional, they really don’t leave a stone unturned do they?”

While Samuels seemed impressed by Goddard’s thorough preparation, he suggested there may still be some body language issues. Samuels said, “When he got to his car he dropped his shopping bag. Instead of just picking it up and dealing with the mess, he started looking around the car park for someone else to blame for his own mistake. It was super awks.”