A local dad has refused to change his son’s nappy because he says he didn’t receive consent from the child. Watsonia father Dave Bradley’s attempt to down tools has been viewed by his wife as some kind of ham-fisted response to last week’s headline grabbing story about parents being told they should consider asking their babies for consent before changing their dirty nappies.

The suggestion, which first aired on ABC earlier last week, was initially a well-intentioned attempt to create a “culture of consent” in the family home, but has since been hijacked by certain sections of the media and the public to give the ABC a cheap whack. Regardless of that developing story within a story, Bradley’s bold refusal to change his 14-month-old son’s dirty nappy late last night has caused ructions in his family home.

His wife contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning to say, “What a farce! That guy would try anything to get out of changing a nappy, especially one full of poo. He started going on and on about this ‘culture of consent’ but I just looked at him, narrowed my eyes and said, ‘change the nappy champ, or else’. He changed the nappy.”