In a significant move away from current trends, a shipping container was recently used for is actual original purpose of transporting cargo from one place to another. Earlier this week, the container arrived at the docks in Melbourne having set off from London, England, full of towels and bed sheets.

While this may not seem as exciting as having food served out of it, or being swum in, owners of the container seemed pleased that it was able to safely transport items across the ocean. In recent times, shipping containers seemed to be used for everything but shipping cargo, as the zeitgeist has decided that they are a very usable item and add a certain rustic and hip charm to many different concepts.

You can serve food out of one, turn one into a bar, use one as a swimming pool, hell, you can actually live in one if you kit it out right. This increased demand for less traditional uses of the containers has led some in the shipping industry to question if any will be left for moving stuff from one place to another.