We can’t quite put our finger on when and why it happened, but Shannon Noll has become a social media phenomenon as seemingly everything he posts online gets flooded with hilarious comments from so-called “Trollsies” who litter their responses with sexual innuendo, accusations of unreturned borrowed items, and endless invitations to catch up soon and share a few drinks and maybe a smoke. Despite some media outlets referring to him as something of a social media lord due to the traction his posts continue to receive, Noll is reportedly frustrated by the fact that sometimes he just wants to post a nice photo without all his followers going to town in the comments.

A source close to Australian Idol’s unluckiest runner up has spoken to The Watsonia Bugle about Noll’s silent anguish, telling us that while the initial attention was entertaining and commercially useful, it has since become overpowering. The source told us, “It’s a bit of a laugh, and some of the comments are absolute crackers, but occasionally Shan just wants to share something wholesome with his many followers without being showered with double entendres and requests to return a whole heap of random household items.”

Debunking the social media theory that any traction is good traction, the source said that Noll is even considering filming a short video announcement to post online calling for calm amongst his creative social media followers. However, there’s only one small problem: he can’t locate the tripod he borrowed off his mate Ben a few months back, and he’s too scared to admit that, for fear of further online scorn.