News of the failed proposal for a stunning art installation reserve at Binnak Park, similar to the increasingly popular Heide, has hit local artists quite hard, just over a week after Watsonia also missed out on funding for a giant dim sim to be installed on our main street. The initial art park proposal, which promised to attract visitors and tourists from around the world, was first revealed by The Watsonia Bugle in November last year, prompting enthusiastic support from the thriving local art scene.

Local artist Tiffany Stanley told the Bugle, “This is a severe blow to the local scene. Having our very own outdoor art gallery would’ve been a real game changer for us. The funding would’ve breathed real life into the potential that we have right here in our own backyard. On the back of hearing that the big dimmy didn’t get included in the State Budget announcement, it’s been a tough fortnight for the creatives.”

While the rejection, which was effectively confirmed in the recently announced federal budget, doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the potential park known as “Watsie”, Stanley believes it’s a clear indication of where priorities lie for public works. She said, “It’s all North East Link this, North East Link that, look at our new Rosanna Train Station, bla bla bla. Watsie would’ve really been a legacy worth leaving in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne.”