Despite being heralded by some media outlets as a “budget for the ‘burbs”, the recently announced State Budget has failed to show any support for the worthy installation of a giant dim sim on Watsonia Road. While today’s announcement of the latest State Budget has been applauded for its many worthwhile initiatives, Watsonia residents have been left shaking their heads at yet another snub of their plan to immortalise our region’s greatest export.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this afternoon, the man who launched the campaign to build the big dimmy, Dan Porter, has described the omission as “yet another slap in the face of the hard working people of Watsonia”. Porter also said, “While you can kind of gauge the return on investment in infrastructure, education and health, the benefits of a massive dimrod in the middle of our main street are arguably immeasurable”.

Disappointed with not having the potential project included in the State Budget, Porter said he will continue to lobby for the installation, and will even look to the federal government for their support. He said, “This isn’t the end. Not by a long way! I will not rest until that dimmy is standing there under the powerlines, with soy sauce dripping down its sides, and there for all to see!”