The recent release of our very own t-shirt design has left fashion industry experts in a real tizz over what some of them are describing as “a real game changer for t-shirts in this country”. Following the initial release of The Watsonia Bugle’s very own t-shirt design just under a fortnight ago, couriers across the Diamond Valley have been run off their feet trying to deliver the shirts to enthusiastic customers.

However, it seems the biggest impact the release has had is on the fashion industry itself. Local fashionista Sami Taylor said, “The simplicity of its design is, like, so 2018. I mean, putting a logo on the left breast of a shirt is just so hot right now. The guys who came up with that idea are revolutionaries. I can see all the big fashion houses in Europe following this trend over, like, the next six to 12 months. Totally.”

Meanwhile, Greensborough fashion consultant Tye McAlister was equally impressed with the affordability of the t-shirts. He said, “I mean, that cutting-edge design kind of sells itself really. Who wouldn’t want to be seen walking around Greensy Plaza in that bad boy? The brand also offers the wearer some serious street cred because we all know that The Watsonia Bugle is, like, the hippest place to get all the latest news and views. But I just can’t believe they can produce such a high quality fashion piece for only $23 plus postage. That’s like 1990s prices for potentially 2018’s most defining fashion item. I’ve already bought seven of them: one for each day of the week.”

So, where can you buy this super hot item? Right here from The Watsonia Bugle’s online store.