Three-time Soap Box Derby winning driver Ronnie Beck has reportedly pulled out of the trophy presentation for a local billy cart race this weekend. In a severe blow to organisers, the driver described by some as the best ever, and heavily idolised by one-time Soap Box Derby winner Bart Simpson, has regretfully declined the honour due to a conflicting schedule.

However, some insiders are suggesting that Beck will not be attending the Billy Cart Race Day this Sunday on Yando Street in Greensborough due to a fear of becoming nothing more than a walking cliché. In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, the insider contacted us and said, “Ever since presenting that trophy to Bart Simpson all those years ago, Ronnie feels like he’s more famous for presenting trophies than actually winning them. Even though ‘Three-time Soap Box Derby winner’ has pretty much become a prefix to his name, Ronnie thinks people forget how good he was behind the wheel.”

And it seems that Beck may have a point, as the insider also revealed that Billy Cart Race organisers don’t actually invite him to compete anymore, instead they just ask him to come and present the trophy. The insider said, “To be honest, I think that bit hurts him the most. He’s quite old now, really. But he’s still very small, and still feels like he has something to offer behind the wheel. But nobody seems to ask him about that anymore.”