The recently announced plans for a development between AK Lines Reserve and Watsonia Primary School seem destined to deal with what has become unofficially known as Watsonia’s very own Bermuda Triangle. Yesterday it was revealed that an application has been submitted to the council for 15 three-storey and six single-storey buildings at the site on Knight Street for people who presumably enjoy the subtle sounds of umpire whistles, swearing footballers, and the occasional cricket ball crashing through the kitchen window – not to mention living right next door to a thundering North East Link.

In supporting the proposal, Banyule Mayor Mark Di Pasquale hailed the development for providing “passive surveillance” to an area of Watsonia that has recently been referred to by some local residents as our very own Bermuda Triangle. This catchy moniker has come about due to the area’s reputation for housing abandoned mattresses, assorted household rubbish, and oddly parked cars. One regular dog walker near the site said, “There’s always some kind of shady business going on down there. Strange people driving cars around the loop, and people dumping hard rubbish late at night. That said, I’m not sure I’d want to actually live there.”

Considering the solid support given by council, it seems the development is a very good chance of being built. However, those opposing the project are encouraged to attend a consultation session that will be held tomorrow night at the Watsonia Scout Hall from 6.30–8.00pm.