As Red Rooster continues to be besieged by an ongoing Senate enquiry into the operation of its franchises, an exclusive The Watsonia Bugle investigation can reveal that even if the fast food chain does go under, the iconic signage on the Greensborough store could remain. As highlighted in June last year, the sign above the Greensborough store is something of a national treasure due to frequent removal of the “s” in “Rooster” to make the store seem like it’s called “Red Rooter”, which has amused local residents of all ages for many many years.

Now it seems that the sign’s special place in the hearts of people throughout the Diamond Valley could actually help protect against any potential removal of the store and/or its signage. While the specifics of the current Senate enquiry are beyond both the comprehension and the interest level of The Watsonia Bugle’s leading investigative journalists, we do know that the possibility of Red Rooster closing its doors would both shock and sadden many locals.

But what our tireless investigators have discovered is that if the store does close down, passionate residents could use legal means to preserve the sign so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. A legal insider told our team, “This actually goes beyond just the vibe of things. If we can prove the cultural significance of the sign, which I imagine would be quite easy to do, we could keep the sign under the provisions of the heritage listing.”

When asked how the absence of an actual operating Red Rooster store would impact on such a move to heritage list the sign, the legal insider said a lack of store would be inconsequential. He said, “When was the last time you actually ate Skipping Girl Vinegar? Yet those inner city hipsters protect that big neon sign like it’s some kind of religious icon. We could definitely keep the sign without the store. And I’d even back myself to keep the sign in all of its preferred ‘Red Rooter’ glory.”