It seems that our resident, but now apprehended, shoe thief has absolutely nothing on another suburban vigilante who has been sprung taking a poo on a private property in Brisbane. And, just like the rampant shoe thief who hit up multiple properties in Watsonia North, Mernda and Doreen, Brisbane’s phantom bogger is a repeat offender, allegedly relieving himself on the same property no less than 30 times in the past year.

Innocent members of the public living in an apartment block in the Brisbane suburb of Greenslopes have spent the last 12 months trying to work out who the so-called “poo jogger” is after repeatedly discovering human waste deposits on a foot path within their property. After one clever resident installed a camera in the hope of catching the loose-bowelled culprit, locals were able to pinpoint the time of day that the bogging jogger was visiting the scene.

Armed with this valuable information, another resident then conducted his very own stake out over the course of numerous mornings, before eventually capturing on camera a grey-haired man defecating on the path while out for his morning jog/bog. When he realised he’d been recorded on film performing his morning ablution, the man reportedly just said, “Hello” before heading on his way.

If this whole saga isn’t odd enough, the groundbreaking photo shows the bogger holding a piece of toilet paper in his hand, suggesting that his behaviour is a far more calculated act than just hearing the insistent call of nature whilst taking a brisk morning jog. The resident who took the incriminating photo has since posted it on social media in an attempt to either catch or shame Sir Boggsalot into ceasing his unsociable behaviour, as he is believed to live nearby.

While it remains unclear as to why the man is pooing so regularly on private property, residents of Watsonia North are breathing a loud sigh of relief that our resident weirdo had a shoe fetish instead of a pooing-regularly-on-private-property fetish. Graham Knight of Watsonia North told us, “It puts it all into perspective doesn’t it? I was spewing that bloke knocked off me work boots a while back, but at least he didn’t take a dump on me doorstep.”