The company responsible for providing trains for Melbourne’s public transport system is reportedly considering adding a sleeping cabin to all Hurstbridge Line trains following the overwhelming response to a meme posted by The Watsonia Bugle over the weekend. At last count the meme had received over 1,600 comments, mostly from people wishing harm upon their friends by cursing them to fall asleep on the train and wake up in Diamond Creek. Here is the meme:

Whilst falling asleep on public transport has been quite common for decades now, an insider at Metro suggested that the response to our meme would help the company to “build a solid business case for the introduction of a so-called ‘sleeping cabin’ on all Hurstbridge Line trains in the near future”. The specifics behind such a drastic change to the current conditions on Melbourne trains remained unclear, but the insider said that discussion of the meme had made it “all the way to the top mate. I can tell you for sure that it has been spoken about at the boardroom table.”

How such a simple meme could create such momentous change also remains unclear, as we only really put it up for some cheap tags in a desperate grab for some social media traction in an increasingly tough environment from which to reach the top of your newsfeed. But, you know, we’ll claim it. How good would it be to crawl into a space specifically designed for sleep, instead of just nodding off in your seat and accidentally headbutting your fellow passengers?