Trolley etiquette has reportedly reached an all-time low during today’s traditional Sunday arvo rush at Greensborough Plaza, with tempers fraying at one of the major supermarkets. Karen Taylor contacted The Watsonia Bugle late today to share her dismay, suggesting that conditions were the worst she’d ever seen.

A Sunday arvo rush veteran, Taylor said, “I don’t know what it was this afternoon but it was an absolute shocker. There were people blocking aisles, oblivious browsers, the deli was chaos, and I saw a man openly weeping in aisle 7. I think because the weather was so bad everyone just decided to come to the shops today. Bad idea! The last thing you need in that environment is people just biding time. Complacency is the first step towards anarchy in the aisles.”

While Taylor said today’s experience wouldn’t stop her from continuing her Sunday arvo shopping ritual, she conceded that outside weather conditions would be factored into future trips to the supermarket. She said, “Maybe I should create some kind of formula based on the expected rainfall, wind chill factor, and ambient temperature.”