An impressionable local man reportedly still thinks that consuming a Mars Bar a day will legitimately help him work, rest and play. This concerning development came to light yesterday when friends of Ben Wilson overheard him saying a Mars Bar was a “health bar” and then spent the next two hours heaping criticism on him.

An anonymous friend of Wilson’s was so amused/concerned by the news that he contacted The Watsonia Bugle to go public with the story. The friend said, “We were just chatting at smoko about what people eat as snacks and old mate ‘Willo’ goes ‘I have a Mars a day but that’s alright ‘cos it’s more of a health bar than a chocolate bar’. There was a bit of a silence and then everyone just ripped into him.”

While Wilson didn’t respond to any of our interview requests following the incident, the friend told us that Wilson was basing his entire food classification on the popular advertising slogan attached to the bar from the late 1950s all the way through to the mid-1990s. Of Wilson, the friend said, “He just kept coming back to the ‘work, rest and play’ thingo. That was his whole argument. At first we couldn’t believe it, but then we just started to play on it a bit. So naive.”