A local food outlet has allegedly charged an oddly rounded amount for multiple items, leading one customer to question whether she’s been ripped off. Carmen McMillan made the purchase yesterday, and was surprised when the total amount charged was exactly $15, especially as she’d been doing the sums in her head just before being told the final amount.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morningabout yesterday’s ordeal, McMillan said, “I bought, like, four or five oddly priced items. There’s no way they’re all adding up to a perfectly rounded number. This is not Kmart.” While McMillan is fairly confident that she’d been duped, a lack of clear signage on a number of the items that she purchased meant she was in no position to challenge the final amount.

The potentially awkward situation, coupled with her intense fear of confrontation, meant that she politely paid the dubious amount, quietly left the store, and later contacted us to share her grievance. She said, “But seriously, what can you do in that kind of situation? I had no choice but to pay and leave. That’s the kind of treatment I’d expect at some rural shop when they know I’m an out-of-towner, not here on my home strip.”