A local Essendon fan has reportedly busted his trusty old calculator out at work in an attempt to work out the mathematical chances of his side still making the finals this year. Inspired by watching last night’s unexpected win over a depleted West Coast in Perth, Kelvin O’Connor got his beloved Casio out this morning and started to crunch the numbers on an unlikely last-gasped run for the 2017 premiership.

While he admitted that the run home would be tight, O’Connor told The Watsonia Bugle, “I’m not saying we’re a certainty, but I think our chances are better than most people perceive. Haters gonna hate, but if the boys keep playing like they did last night, we could be like the Bulldogs – fall into seventh on the ladder and then win it from there. It’s the Comeback Story mate, the Comeback Story!”

When questioned on how he could trust a team that is the only side to lose to Carlton this year, O’Connor delved into his cliché book to water down any concern over Essendon’s consistency. He told us, “It was the loss we had to have mate. When you look back at any premiership season, the ultimate winner always has one loss that really kicks the team into gear. That was our one. Go Bombers.”