Rosanna resident, Clint Stanley, has been ostracised from his small group of friends at a house party after being spotted rolling his Coopers Pale Ale on a table before drinking it. Friends said they were embarrassed to be seen in public with Clint, especially when a group of millennials at the same party started mocking Clint and referring to him as “a smelly old fossil”.

While the rolling of a stubby of Coopers Pale Ale was commonplace in the 1990s and early 2000s, the technique has slowly lost its appeal and relevance, gradually slipping from use in mainstream society. Industry insiders say the rolling ritual lost traction around the same time that Coopers Pale Ale was eclipsed as a unique drinking option by the plethora of craft beers now available on the market.

One of Clint’s friends, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said “we’ve been trying to tell him for a few years now that rolling a Coopers is officially off trend, but he keeps blabbing on about sediment, flavours and tannins. We’ve allowed it to continue because he’s actually a good bloke otherwise. But since we got labelled as ‘fossils’ by mere association with him, it’s gone too far. We’re off him.”