A Watsonia man has been left sad and alone after travelling to the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne and being unable to secure accommodation at a roadside hotel. Brendon Daniels was in Dandenong South for a work matter when he decided it was too late in the night to return to Watsonia, so he pulled up at a nearby building with a large sign saying “HOTEL” along EastLink.

After great difficulty just getting off EastLink to enter the hotel’s car park, Daniels then walked around the building for about 10 minutes trying to locate the entrance. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the ordeal, he said, “It looked like a pretty strange joint if you ask me. Right on EastLink and pretty much just sitting in an empty field in the middle of nowhere. But I’d had a long day and just wanted a clean bed to sleep in. Only problem was I couldn’t even find the entrance to the place, let alone a room for the night.”

Daniels had initially contacted us to complain of what he described as “suburb discrimination”, claiming that, “they probably just didn’t like the look of me ‘cos I’m a northerner”. When we explained to him that the “Hotel” he was trying to enter was actually just an incredibly expensive piece of art, Daniels was flabbergasted. He said, “Really? So it’s not even a hotel? That’s bananas mate. They paid how much to have it built? $1.2 million? Give us a spell!”