A local woman has been reportedly crippled by the decision of whether to use an image for a proper Instagram post or just as an Instagram story on her social media account. Rebecca Quinlan spent most of yesterday afternoon agonising over the difficult decision, eventually deciding to do neither, such was her stress and concern over which avenue was most appropriate for the carefully constructed image of her lunch.

Speaking this morning to The Watsonia Bugle about her ordeal, Quinlan said, “I just didn’t know what to do! I mean, I have a general social media strategy to help maintain my personal brand, but I just didn’t know where this image fitted in to that strategy. It was probably worthy of a proper post, but I’d already posted a few images in the last few days, so it may have exceeded my weekly limit of three proper posts. I could’ve used it as a story post, but I kind of felt it deserved better than that. Could’ve really got some traction out on the open market. It was such a conundrum.”

While Quinlan remains shaken by the challenging experience, she has vowed to put on a brave face. She said, “No doubt it’s a setback for me, but I will plough on. My followers need me. I provide light in an otherwise darkened social media landscape.”