A recent study out of a local university has suggested that people standing at the very front of a baggage carousel at an airport are most likely to get their luggage first when the bags eventually appear. While the scientists behind the study refused to share the exact formula used to uncover their findings, they insisted that a large sample size had been studied at a variety of airports across the country.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, lead scientist Callum McKenzie said, “While anecdotally the presumption was that your position at the carousel made absolutely no difference to the retrieval time of your bags, the data indicated a clear advantage for people who forced their way to the very front, especially if they pushed past other passengers to do so. Exactly why this phenomenon occurs remains unclear, but the stats don’t lie.”

McKenzie also admitted that his team struggled with the severe moral dilemma of whether or not to inform the general public of this odd advantage. He said, “We battled with that, we really did. I mean, the last thing we need to do is encourage more dickheaded behaviour at airports. There’s already so much of that going on, the last thing we need to do is support their behaviour with scientific evidence.”