Following the recent refurbishment of Greensborough Safeway, and the flattening of Heidelberg Safeway, shoppers across Melbourne are reportedly searching for the new “Safeway that time forgot”. While those two stores used to dominate the field for the oddly coveted title, their elimination from the race has left shoppers to openly question which store now deserves the moniker.

According to avid supermarket shopper and self-professed “Safeway loyalist” Marg Zamper, the new playing field is both excited and daunting. She said, “Greensy and Heidelberg just dominated it for so long that none of the other old fashioned stores even got a look in. Some of them didn’t even bother filling out nomination forms for the annual poll. It was just Greensy and Heidelberg, Greensy and Heidelberg, over and over again. While Heidelberg undoubtably took a bit of a lead in recent years, it was clearly a duopoly for at least two decades.”

And while Zamper is impressed with the new facilities available at Greensborough Safeway, she still holds a soft spot for its previous format. She said, “Oh, I’ve had some good memories in that place. It kind of transported me back into the 1980s, which was definitely a much simpler time in history. The new fittings are nice, but it’s taken a bit of adjustment, I’ll be honest.”