A local dad has insisted on arriving at Melbourne Airport no less than three hours before the scheduled departure of his domestic flight, insisting that it’s best not to be late for these kinds of things. Due to fly to the Gold Coast tomorrow morning with his wife, retiree Ken Williams has been in tense negotiations with his adult children about the most appropriate time to leave Watsonia for Tullamarine.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Williams said, “You can never be too prepared for a flight, international or domestic. Who knows what could happen tomorrow? I mean, we might hit traffic on the Ring Road. You just don’t want to be late for these kinds of things.”

While the rest of his family completely disagrees with Ken, including his wife Jan, he remains unrepentant, despite never once missing a flight in all of his 67 years on earth. He said, “And why do you think I’ve never missed a flight? That’s right, because I’m always early. I’d rather spend a bit longer in the terminal than sweating bullets on a congested Ring Road.”