A Watsonia mother, who misunderstood the double meaning of using an eggplant emoticon, has endured an awkward text conversation with her adult son. Sharon Campbell’s 27-year-old son has recently moved out of home and she’s been trying very hard to keep in contact with him.

When her son recently accepted a dinner invitation back at the family home, Sharon expressed her excitement in a language she felt he would best understand. So she sent him an eggplant emoticon via text, having heard that some youngsters use this image to express their excitement about a particular situation.

While Sharon was slightly correct, she didn’t realise that the eggplant emoticon is actually used to express sexual excitement, due to the fact it has the closest resemblance of all the vegetable emoticons to an erect penis. Following an awkward silence after her text message faux pas, Sharon’s son replied with “Ummm, mum, do you know what that means?” to which she replied “Of course I do, it’s the excited eggplant! I’m so excited that you’re coming for dinner.”

Sharon’s son then informed her of the awkward mistake that she had made, and Sharon begged for his forgiveness. Sharon was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Watsonia Bugle.