The Watsonia Bugle has again flexed its considerable influencer muscle by advocating for positive change in the community. Following last Friday’s article about the lingering event sign staying on past its welcome at Kalparrin Lake, earlier this week the sign magically disappeared, pleading pedants but angering local residents who had wagered that the sign would stay for at least a few more weeks.

While the term “influencer muscle” could be used to describe something else, in this case we’re just referring to our ability to create change in the local area, like the time we basically cleared the way for Trent Cotchin to play in last year’s AFL Grand Final, and the time we awoke anti-vegan Megan from her momentary slumber. While we’ve spent most of this morning patting ourselves on the back for these wonderful achievements, we’ll briefly forget our many failed campaigns, such as the liquor licence for Bunnings, an art installation reserve at Binnak Park, and the community’s rather frequent hints for a wine bar on Watsonia Road.

But, you know, you can’t win ‘em all, so you need to celebrate the little victories. We hope that all visitors to Kalparrin Lake will enjoy their sign-free environment until next year’s billy cart extravaganza, of which we actually would love to take part.