A local event sign has reached its seventh week of obsolescence, with nearby residents speculating how long it will stay past its used by date. The sign for the “Race a Billy Cart Event”, which was held on Sunday 20 May, remains in place at Kalparrin Lake in Greensborough, just as it did last year.

Nearby residents, many of whom drive past the sign every day, have begun speculating exactly how long it will remain on display. Greensborough woman Deb Fantasia told The Watsonia Bugle, “Based on last year, I reckon it’ll be there for at least another month. It always stays on longer than it should. It reminds me of that article you guys wrote about the bloke who left his Christmas lights out so long it was almost time to leave them up for the next Christmas.”

Fantasia also revealed that one of the neighbours in her street had started a book on how long the sign will last. She said, “Yeah, Shane down the road has started taking wagers on the length of time it will stay. I put 10 bucks on early August.”

Whilst we’re not in the habit of condoning gambling, unless one of our nation’s many betting agencies wishes to come on board as a Bugle sponsor/advertiser, our tip is mid-July.