A local man has openly questioned the term “single use” plastic bag, claiming that the now banned shopping accessory had multiple used and lifetimes in his household. Ron Salisbury contacted The Watsonia Bugle yesterday to air his grievance, telling us that he now fears he’ll have to buy designated rubbish bags for the many different uses.

In a wide ranging interview, Salisbury said, “Single use? Please. I used those little fish stranglers for heaps of different things around the house. Dog poo bag, car rubbish bin, liners for those little bins in the toilet, dirty clothes when you’re away on holiday. You name it, I used it.”

While Salisbury begrudgingly admitted that the new bag ban would have a positive impact on the environment, he still seemed reluctant to embrace the change. He said, “I guess it’ll be good for the environment and that, but now I’m gunna have to buy those little black bags to pick up my dog’s poo. It’s gunna cost me a fortune!”