The infamous letter distributed around Montmorency earlier this week has been cleared of containing any racist undertones because the writer clearly states in the second paragraph that their letter has “nothing to do with racism”. In a similar manner to someone prefacing a personal insult with “don’t take this the wrong way”, the writer of the letter has absolved himself of any prejudice by declaring a lack of racism from the very start of his poorly constructed argument.

The peaceful clime of Montmorency was rocked this week following an aggravated robbery at a local service station and then the subsequent distribution of an inflammatory letter about the alleged perpetrators of the incident. The Diamond Valley Leader chose to share the contents of the letter which was handed out to select Montmorency business owners and residents on Thursday.

Despite a seemingly obvious racist undertone in the letter, which essentially implores the reader to start a log on the movement of any “Sudanese and African people” in the Montmorency area, a local ethicist claims that the letter can’t possibly be racist because the writer clearly states that it isn’t. Ken Daniels said, “I agree that the letter seems kind of racist, especially when he essentially refers to the entire populace of Africa as ‘arseholes’ regardless of their behaviour or disposition, but he mentions twice that he’s not being racist. So you can’t argue with that. It’s like the no voters from the same sex marriage plebiscite. When they prefaced their no vote by saying ‘I’ve got gay friends’, that automatically removed any potential bigotry or narrow mindedness in their opinion.”