After first coming to our attention last year, a local man is still pressing on with his passionate theory that rain ponchos are the thinking man’s umbrella. As revealed by The Watsonia Bugle in July last year, Dean Allard believes that ponchos are the best protection from rain during inclement weather, going as far as to describe umbrella users as “pillocks”.

As the one-year anniversary of his initial Twitter barrage on the topic approaches, Allard told us, “The same principles remain mate. Ponchos are the way to go. Umbrellas just don’t cut it during a Melbourne winter when the rain is going sideways and your umbrella is inverting itself on every street corner.”

Reflecting on the lukewarm response he received last year from his Twitter followers, Allard said, “To be honest, most of it wasn’t overly supportive. I’ve lost a few friends over it. But you know what? I bet not everyone agreed with Thomas Edison when he was coming up with all them cool ideas back in the day.”