Two brothers have sparked a widespread family feud after a fiery disagreement on the golf course, during which one brother accused the other of cheating. On the 7th green at Yarrambat Golf Course, Paul Harvey refused to believe his brother Grant when he claimed to have had only six shots on the difficult 445-metre Par 5 hole.

While Paul was accustomed to Grant’s regular cheating in all things from golf to Monopoly, this seemed to be the metaphorical straw that broke the camel’s back, as he launched into a stinging diatribe about ethics, honesty, fairness and responsibility. Paul was also able to supply Grant with a detailed breakdown of the nine shots he had actually had on the hole.

The tension was palpable for the remaining two holes of their round, and the brothers have not spoken since the incident last weekend. In the time since the blow up, subsequent family members have been drawn into the dispute, gradually taking sides with either Paul or Grant after hearing different versions of the story.

According to the brothers’ sister Michelle, “those two are always at each other, but this seems to have really pushed Paul over the edge. If you ask me, I’m siding with Paul because we all know Grant has been a dirty cheat forever.”