In a bittersweet day of news for the Richmond Football Club, it has been revealed that the average IQ of their supporters is well below 100. That news came on the back of the otherwise fantastic news that the club has reached 100,000 paid up members… a record for any sporting club in Australia.

The findings of the IQ study were revealed this afternoon following an in-depth study by a group of researchers from a local university. And while Richmond supporters didn’t rate anywhere near as poorly as Collingwood, there average IQ of 87 was still described as “well below average” by the researchers.

While the study is believed to be the most comprehensive of its kind, researchers bemoaned the fact that they couldn’t find enough Kangaroos supporters to produce a measurable sample size for that particular club. One of the researchers said, “We looked high and low but just couldn’t get enough to qualify for a ratified study. We only needed 100, but the most we could find was 72.”