A local social tennis player has shared her ongoing confusion of the naming of different court surfaces during post-match supper after her weekly Wednesday night social competition. Sitting around with both teammates and opponents following a hard fought win, Rebecca Stonneson confessed over a boston bun and some homemade sandwiches that she still doesn’t know if there’s a difference between “clay” and “en tout cas”.

Speaking this morning after her embarrassing admission, Stonneson said she was still none the wiser after everyone else in the room last night just started laughing at her and slapping tables with open hands. A quick Google search this morning on the train to work proved inconclusive, leaving Stonneson to question her future in the game, not wanting to risk further embarrassment down at the local courts next Wednesday.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Stonneson said “I bet half those idiots don’t know either, they all just followed Brad’s lead because he’s such a know-it-all. He laughed first and they all just followed. I mean it just doesn’t make sense. In the French Open they call it ‘clay’ but in Australia they call it ‘en tout cas’ which sounds French as. I didn’t even realise that was how it was spelt until I made an ambitious Google search this morning on the train.”

Brad was unavailable for comment this morning.