Local media outlets are red with rage about what they are describing as special treatment for tribunal-bound footballer Andrew Gaff who arrived at Tullamarine earlier today and was escorted from the tarmac by federal police. The fact that Gaff was actually being protected from them was seemingly lost on the throng of angry journos grumpily making their way back to the city empty handed and furiously tweeting on their phones about the injustice of it all.

Exactly what they expected to gain from getting slightly closer to Gaff remains unclear, but they now have a story anyway as they run off on tangents about how despicable it is that airport authorities decided to avoid a media circus in their domestic terminal. However, none of the outraged outlets have reported on how other passengers on the Perth–Melbourne flight were pleased that they didn’t get trampled by news hounds and/or knocked out by large microphones.

While The Watsonia Bugle chose not to attend Gaff’s anti-climactic airport arrival, it wasn’t due to any self-ordained journalistic integrity. It was more that we just couldn’t be bothered, and realised that unless Gaff entered Terminal 4 juggling chainsaws – which would be a gross breach of airport security – we really weren’t going to learn anything interesting about his arrival.