A local kid has boldly questioned the validity of a foot race after suffering a heavy defeat at the hands of his mother. Lachie Collins made the controversial claims after his mum Sarah beat him to the letterbox on the way back from a play at the park.

Tense scenes followed after Sarah’s seemingly triumphant crossing of the tape, as Lachie was soon heard yelling, “That wasn’t a race mum!” As the entire street tuned in to what they assumed would be a hotly contested argument, Lachie laid out what he believed was a solid case against his mother.

However, Sarah contacted The Watsonia Bugle to give her side of the story, and public sympathy is now expected to sway away from 5-year-old Lachie. In a wide ranging interview, she said, “It’s just typical of him to be totally honest. He’s always quick to rub it in if he gets a win. But as soon as he loses one, he starts going on about it not being an official race and bla bla bla. It’s pathetic.”

When we contacted Lachie and shared his mother’s accusations he simply turned away and said, “no comment”.