An advertisement for a school in this week’s local paper features a teacher earnestly pointing at a random piece of paper while a bemused student looks on. The ad, found in this week’s Diamond Valley Leader, is what’s often referred to in the industry as a “hero shot”.

Exactly what the teacher was pointing to remains unclear, but the looks on the surrounding students’ faces suggests that it was nothing in particular. In fact, their widespread bemusement suggests that maybe even the teacher was just following the photographer’s instructions and pretending to be in the middle of explaining some complex and challenging theory.

Despite the potential irrelevance of the actual image, a local marketer said she absolutely loves it. Sarah DiNatale said, “This bold image really captures the essence of what a truly rewarding educational experience should encapsulate. Having a teacher point at something, anything, in one of these hero shots is so on-brand for education messaging that it gets me terribly excited.”