Have you seen those videos and memes about how diverse a mother’s role is these days? You know, mediator, nutritionist, driver, cleaner, chef, nurse, doctor, accountant, fashion consultant, teacher, events coordinator, entertainer… the list goes on.

Well, they now have legitimate competition for the most diverse skill set within one profession. Footy commentators have now become so diverse in their areas of expertise that they are possibly the most skilled workers in our current society.

According to local Human Resources consultant Lisa Fraser, “They’re amazing really. Not many jobs require such diverse qualifications. Their ability to provide authoritative conclusions on footy tactics, medical ailments, tribunal outcomes, human rights, legal responsibilities, touchscreen interactivity, and the latest sports betting odds is unparalleled. And on top of this, almost all of them have previously been elite footballers themselves. Sorry local mums, you have been replaced.”