An iconic honey badger video on YouTube is about to receive a serious spike in views as the wider Australian community prepares to acquaint itself with Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins from tomorrow night onwards. Cummins is set to reach a whole new level of celebrity in this country when he commences his run as the next star of The Bachelor which premieres tonight.

While most people are unfamiliar with exactly what kind of animal a honey badger is, the definitive answer is perfectly captured in this three-minute YouTube video where the badass badger takes on a whole menagerie of nasty animals and just generally doesn’t worry about the consequences. Although elements of the video may twist the truth, you can safely assume that the badger’s ability to just sleep off a venomous snake bite is a cold hard fact.

The video already has over 80 million views, but online analysts are expecting that number to rise further north as “Bachie” devotees try to find out more about the latest single hunk’s alias. It seems that Cummins himself actually came up with his own nickname after watching the very same video you can view above, so it’s totally legit — and about to go viral all over again.