While Kanye West has received widespread scorn for wearing ill-fitting slippers to a friend’s otherwise lavish wedding, at least one local grandfather has commended the celebrity for his choice of footwear. When shown an image of the “shoes” by The Watsonia Bugle yesterday, 64-year-old Graham Jennings had no problem with them, going as far as to say they were “revolutionary”.

Jennings said, “Good on him! Rich dudes like that can literally wear whatever they like and people just say it’s fashion. I went to me nieces wedding a few months ago and had to wear these terribly uncomfortable shiny shoes. They gave me blisters for the next three weeks! It was a nightmare. If I could’ve gotten away with slippers I would’ve. Let me tell you.”

When quizzed about the odd sizing of the slippers, Jennings remained pro-Kanye. He said, “I’ve actually got a similar pair that I use to put the bins out. They might look a bit strange, but they get the job done. And they’re very easy to slip in and out of. I reckon Mr West would be a pretty good dancer, so he could easily flip those slippers off and get down to business on the dancefloor.”