In a severe blow to our standing in the local community, The Watsonia Bugle has catastrophically sunk to 8th on the list of most-trusted news sources in the Diamond Valley. The placing is a significant drop from our highest ever ranking of fourth at the height of the Greensborough Coles deli scandal in August last year.

The poll results have provided a damning outcome for what has been, up until now, a growing news service by the people and for the people. The list, lovingly compiled by the trusted Roy Morgan Research corporation, was published yesterday after intensive interviewing of local residents. The top 10 is:

1. Monty Life 3094.

2. Diamond Valley Leader.

3. Herald Sun.

4. Gold 104.3.

5. Jonno’s mum Barb from down the street.

6. Watsonia Community Voice.

7. Twitter.

8. The Watsonia Bugle.

9. The Greensborough Primary School newsletter.

10. Banyule Banner.

Apart from being offended that we’re behind the entire #fakenews juggernaut that is Twitter, we’re not overly impressed that we’re behind the DV Leader and Herald Sun considering their history of pinching stories off us. And while we’ve never doubted Jonno’s mum Barb’s local knowledge, falling behind two different Facebook community groups is a blow that we may never recover from.

Do you agree with the list? Have they got it right? Or should we not even be in the top 10?