The season of AFL players posting images on social media of them holding alcoholic beverages has commenced in earnest as 10 of the 18 teams have played their last games. Accustomed to hiding their alcohol use for the majority of the season, these players have now entered a short six-week window in which they can post such images without fear of scorn from their clubs and/or the general public.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, one unnamed player said, “Yeah mate, it’s the best isn’t it? For most of the year I’m hiding me beers out of the frame whenever a camera comes out. I mean, I still tip a few in during the season, but I just don’t broadcast that all over me Instagram.”

Local social media expert Gianna Anthopoulos said, “It’s an odd phenomenon really, and a good example of political correctness gone mad. Studies have been done on the topic. Seriously. The players seem to relish sneaking a subtle bottle or can of something into the shot. I think they like to show that they are human beings.”

Anthopoulos said the peak time for this behaviour is basically from this weekend until about Cup Week because a lot of teams return to full-time training at that time. So until then, brace yourself for an influx.