A local commuter is still not sure he can start calling the South Morang Line the “Mernda Line” after the successful opening of the new train station over the weekend. Following yesterday’s reporting of the pleasing first peak hour run of the line’s new stations, Dave Taylor reckons he’s still struggling with the constant name changes on Hurstbridge’s arch enemy line.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Taylor said, “Mate, I’m hard up still trying to not call it the ‘Epping Line’. I’ve only really just started successfully saying the ‘South Morang Line’, and now I’ve got to change again. It’s too much.”

While Taylor had no issue with the extension of the line and its subsequent improvements to the public transport network for Melbourne’s northern corridor, he claims that his only concern is that if he ever catches the wrong line from the city loop he’ll now end up even further away from where he needs to be. He said, “I usually get off at Monty, so I’m a real classic Hurstbridge Line regular, with absolutely no need for the other line. But that doesn’t mean I don’t breathe a sigh of relief when the train goes straight after leaving Clifton Hill. If I ever get the wrong train from Melbourne Central, fall asleep before Clifton Hill, and then wake up in Mernda I’ll be spewing.”