Bundoora residents have reacted oddly to today’s exciting news that their suburb may finally experience the convenience of train travel, as many of them seem unclear what the new proposal actually means. While news of a long-awaited ‘circle line’ swirled around Melbourne today, the people of Bundoora seem unconvinced.

We took to the streets of Bundoora this afternoon to talk to local residents, and confusion reigned supreme. One local said, “A train station? What do you mean? Like that kids show Thomas the Tank Engine? Melbourne doesn’t have trains does it? I thought we just had buses and trams.”

While another resident seemed particularly resistant to change. She said, “I’m actually quite proud of the fact that we have a tram line this far out from the CBD. It’d have to be the furthest out from the city wouldn’t it? Now that’s something to hang your hat on. Something that those toffy wankers down the road in Watsonia and Greensborough can’t lay a claim to. It might take an hour and a half to get into the city on one of them trams but have you driven a car down Plenty Road in peak hour lately?”

One other local had an even more vexing concern about the new proposal. He said, “The problem with train stations is that you end up with them PSOs. We don’t want none of them in Bundy mate. No way.”