A local gym has taken a rather odd approach to attracting new members by basically encouraging people to not attend gyms. The gym currently boasts a large image on its front window telling the world to “Workout on your terms” while an attractive young lady stands under the Sydney Harbour Bridge presumably taking a brief pause from engaging in exercise on her own terms.

Forgetting for a moment the obvious misreading of the whole Melbourne versus Sydney thing, the message sent by the advertisement seems at direct odds with the entire gym business model of convincing people that the only place they can get fit is within four walls that house a large amount of expensive equipment. Therefore, by spruiking the benefits of exercising outdoors for free, the gym seems to be shooting itself in the foot.

Former advertising executive Brandon Zander believes the campaign could have an adverse impact on the gym’s ability to attract new members. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Zander said, “I must say it’s a very odd choice. That young girl looks so happy in the great outdoors, grabbing some fresh air, and not waiting 10 minutes while some sweaty, hairy, middle-aged behemoth finishes his one rep sets on the squat rack. I’m not sure what they paid for that campaign but I’d be asking for my money back.”