While the nation goes wild over the first Australian to beat Roger Federer since 1999, and quickly Googles the name “John Millman” to find out who he is, the remainder of the country is mostly just shocked that Lotto is still making apparel. One local man, Ben Schofield, took to Facebook this afternoon to express his surprise about the once popular brand still being the sports industry.

Decked out in Lotto gear, Millman has just booked himself a place in the Quarter Finals of the US Open which, win or lose, will create a significant financial windfall for the low profile Aussie tennis pro. The prizemoney may even prove more profitable than the, no doubt, lucrative apparel sponsorship he has with the Italian sportswear manufacturer.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Schofield said, “I couldn’t believe it mate. I haven’t seen someone rocking the Lotto since the late 90s when they used to sponsor the Northern Knights. I just assumed they’d gone under, and didn’t realise they were still in business. Good on ‘em I guess. And good on old mate Johnny Millman. It’s just a good news story all round isn’t it?”