Of all the criticism thrown at the Canterbury Bulldogs players for getting drunk earlier in the week on their Mad Monday, the scorn of Karl Stefanovic was arguably the most unwarranted considering his own record of hosting a live television show whilst under the influence. As the nation lines up to sling mud at the misbehaving rugby league players, Karl joined the queue and wondered out loud why they chose a pub in the heart of Sydney rather than a more private venue or someone’s house.

While that was actually good advice, and something we also thought at the time, it’s a bit rich coming from a bloke who turned up for work as a breakfast television host still munted from the night before. Following the Logies in 2009, Karl reported for duty and slurred his way through the Today show, only admitting years later he was drunk, yet showing very little remorse and essentially blaming the internet for why everyone made a big deal of it.

Local media analyst Fraser Templeton openly questioned Karl’s right to make such comments, telling The Watsonia Bugle, “Previous personal bad behaviour doesn’t ban you from identifying the bad behaviour of others in future, but surely he should’ve kept his mouth shut on this one. But, obviously, he’s on a national television show, so those kind of people feel compelled to pass judgement on pretty much any and every issue that pops up on their autocue.”