The small Victorian rural town of Mount Thomas is reportedly still a crime hot spot but is not receiving the same media coverage it once did since the cessation of the popular reality television program Blue Heelers. Recent crime figures indicate that the town continues to be plagued by murder, theft, drug use, grifters, domestic disputes, and general skullduggery.

From 1994 to 2006, film crews followed the local police around town for reality television program Blue Heelers, and the town developed a reputation for an unusually high crime rate compared to its small population of 7,805. Ably led by Sergeant Tom Croydon, who controlled his officers with a firm yet fair hand, the busy police force worked hard to contain the out of control town, but crime continued to thrive.

When film crews left the town in 2006, Croydon retired and was replaced by newly appointed Sergeant Patrick Joseph Hasham, better known as “PJ” and the former detective of the area, who returned from a brief stint in the Homicide Squad in Melbourne. However, PJ’s innate skills as a detective didn’t transfer across to leading the station, and things went from bad to worse. PJ’s challenges were further exacerbated by his lingering grief over the death of his love Maggie Doyle.

Hasham lasted only two years in the role, and since then Mount Thomas has had a string of initially enthusiastic new Sergeants who were eventually driven out of town by the inherent crime culture in the small Victorian town. According to the most recently departed Sergeant, “That place is a nightmare, crime seems to be a generational issue, with the young kids knowing nothing but theft, violence and death. Not even the delicious parmas and crispy pots at the Imperial were enough to make me stay.”