Thousands of previously blacklisted locals are set to be exonerated once Greensborough Blockbuster, the last video store in the Diamond Valley, officially closes its doors in the coming weeks. Perhaps unbeknownst to many, all video stores in the region once maintained a shared register of slow returners and movie stealers, regularly updating the database to protect themselves against further theft and bad borrowing etiquette.

As the final video store in the area, Greensborough Blockbuster was the final guardian of this once frequently accessed list of vagrants. According to the strict rules and regulations surrounding the governance of the list, when the final store closes its doors the list must be immediately destroyed by fire and the ashes buried in the Plenty River.

One former video store employee that we spoke to said the founding fathers of that list would never have predicted that such a day would come. The past employee said, “When the list was first created, the video hiring business was booming. There were stores everywhere, even bloody Civic Plaza mate. Competition between stores was fierce, but the owners all united on one thing: the list of bad borrowers. I bet they’d be surprised by what’s happened, and probably quite sad. But rules are rules, so that list must be destroyed. They all believed very strongly in that.”

On the flip side, at least one man who’s on the list has told of his enormous relief that he’ll soon be cleared of all charges. Brad* told The Watsonia Bugle, “I never thought the day would come to be honest. Being on that list has hung over me head for over 20 years now. A couple of bad acts as a bloke in his early 20s and I’ve had to live with it ever since. Every time I apply for a loan or go to a job interview, I sit there stressing about whether they’ll mention it. Once that list is destroyed forever I’ll have a new lease on life I reckon.”

*Brad is not his real name. We changed it to protect his identity.